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Speeding Ticket

Most drivers in Virginia have exceeded the speed limit at one time or another. If you receive a speeding ticket and do not contest it, the offense is automatically added to your driving record, resulting in fines, increased insurance rates and possibly a suspended or revoked license. If your job involves driving, your livelihood is at risk.

If you have received a speeding ticket in Pittsylvania or surrounding counties, a criminal defense lawyer at Glenn L Berger, Attorney at Law can help protect your driving privileges. Contact us online or by phone at (434) 369-2000.

Practical Help to Avoid the Loss of Driving Privileges

Depending on your speed at the time you were stopped and ticketed, the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) will add demerit points on your driver’s license once you plead guilty by paying without contesting. Our criminal defense lawyers can help you challenge a speeding ticket by reviewing police procedures leading up to, during and after a stop. We can also help you avoid additional charges, such as a DUI , from compounding your situation.

Drivers make mistakes and so do the police. We offer the experience to properly investigate your case, clearly explain your options, and represent your interests in court. In many instances we can help eliminate or reduce the charges against you.

Danville/Altavista Traffic Violation Lawyer

If you have received a speeding ticket, or face reckless driving , DUI or other traffic offenses, do not simply plead guilty and jeopardize your driving privileges. Call (434) 369-2000 to schedule an appointment with a criminal law attorney at Glenn L Berger, Attorney at Law. Send us an e-mail and a lawyer or staff member will contact you to discuss your rights and options.

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